Fai (the platform) is a technical platform for managing financial operations and tax compliance according to the regulations and laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a registered trademark wholly owned by Ahad Network for Information Technology Limited Company (the company). The company is a Saudi entity under commercial registration number 1010808501, based in Riyadh.

First: Introduction
  1. The term (Privacy Policy) refers to the method by which the platform collects data and protects the personal information of users. This policy is of utmost importance. The platform is not concerned with any personal information of a specific individual, but personal information is collected from those wishing to use the platform through – for example, but not limited to – browsing or contacting our customer service team via phone or email. By providing their personal information to the platform, the client authorizes the platform to process this information according to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy.
  2. The terms of the privacy policy or part thereof may be amended at any time. The amended version will be published on the company’s website (www.ahad.ws) or the platform (www.fai.sa). The amended version of the privacy policy will be effective seven days from the date of publication. By continuing to use the application after publication, the user acknowledges their commitment to the terms and conditions contained in the amended version of the privacy policy and their acceptance of the changes applied to their personal information previously provided to us.
  3. By using the platform, the client agrees to the terms of the privacy policy, which is a legally binding agreement. If any new features or tools are added to our services, they will also be subject to this policy.
  4. We store clients’ personal information, which will be used and disclosed as permitted by applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the platform’s privacy policy.
  5. The platform will always seek consent before using personal information for purposes other than those described in the privacy policy.
Second: Client Information
  1. The platform collects the following user information: name, ID number, address, email, mobile number, commercial registration number, tax number, and any images or files the client has allowed access to. This information is needed to verify the client’s identity, contact them, and enable them to use the platform’s services and features.
  2. The platform collects data from the company’s or platform’s web pages visited by the user, as well as data on browsing habits and account access times, including information about the device, browser used, network connection, and IP address. This is to improve, develop, and enhance the quality of the client experience.
  3. The user acknowledges that the platform has the right to access their camera and photo library when needed to benefit from the platform’s services.
  4. By using the platform, the user grants the platform permission to know their location using the map service on their phone or device to provide the best service possible.
  5. The platform collects information related to the use and benefit of the services provided through the platform. This includes, for example, activity information on the platform, how services are used, and interactions with others through the platform. This information is used to improve service effectiveness, measure performance, and enhance quality.
  6. When the platform application is downloaded or installed, the platform collects user device information, including device type, operating system, browser, IP address, and mobile network information, including the phone’s serial number and device identifier, as well as the device location if the user permits.
Third: Support User Information
  1. The platform collects data from support requesters or other requests received through its website, the company’s website, or support phone numbers. These requests include the requester’s name, contact details such as phone number or email, and details of the requested support or service, as well as any data or files attached by the requester. The platform records text conversations or call logs with support. These records are kept to measure performance, enhance quality, and improve service.
  2. During service provision, platform or company support representatives may request additional data and information. This information, along with any previously collected information, is used to provide the requested support or service and answer related questions.
  3. The platform collects information and documents from the user that were uploaded on the platform during registration or while using the services. This information is used for marketing and promotion, whether through the platform or its websites directly or in collaboration with other entities. The user agrees and permits the platform to use their information and documents uploaded to the platform and any other information accessed through the platform for marketing, development, or other purposes decided by the platform.
Fourth: Cookie and Tracking Technology Information
  1. Cookies are sent to the user’s browser from the company’s or platform’s website and stored on the user’s device. The site assigns a different cookie to each device connected to the platform.
  2. The platform uses cookies to recognize the user’s device and provide personalized services, and to display ads from Google or other parties.
  3. The platform may use automatic tracking techniques on the site or platform during communications with the user or while they use the platform to measure performance and improve services.
  4. The platform analyzes and uses information to evaluate and improve our services, conduct research and development, test new services and features, troubleshoot, and respond to user inquiries.
Fifth: Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

The platform may share user personal information with third parties to help develop, improve, and troubleshoot services.

The platform may need to share user information and data upon request from government or judicial authorities. This may be provided directly or through a third party, including requests for verifying legal claims, meeting national security requirements, or enforcing court orders, among others.

The platform may share user information with other parties to investigate or take action regarding illegal or suspected fraudulent activities or potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or in cases of violations of the terms and conditions or privacy policy, or as required by laws and regulations.

The platform may share personal information with the company or its current or future owners, whether in whole or in part.

The platform may use user information to market the platform’s services and may provide this information to other companies to market their products or services.

The platform does not sell, trade, or rent users’ personal identity data to other parties. In case of information sharing, it will be with platform partners, its affiliates, and service providers to assist in operating the platform and managing activities on behalf of the platform. User data may be shared with these third parties for the specified purposes only.

Sixth: General Provisions

Upon the end of the user’s relationship with the platform, the platform will continue to store archived copies of information for commercial purposes and to comply with laws and regulations.

Upon the end of the user’s relationship with the platform, the platform will continue to store anonymous information such as website visits without identifiers to improve service.

The platform securely retains user information by following high standards in information security management to protect sensitive information such as personal information and others.

The platform affirms that no method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage method is 100% secure; therefore, absolute security of user information or documents cannot be guaranteed. The company and the platform disclaim responsibility for any attacks or breaches that access user information, data, or documents, or benefit from or use them in any way.

The user can retain and access all their personal information at any time. The platform grants them limited account settings permissions to allow them to correct, modify, delete, or restrict the use of their personal information.

Deleting or restricting the use of their personal information by the user may result in unsatisfactory utilization of the platform services.