The key benefits offered by Fai for accountants are:
  • Invoice Management: The system allows you to easily create invoices and credit notes, facilitating financial operations management and reducing errors.
  • Accuracy and Tax Compliance: The system enables you to input data with high accuracy, ensuring compliance with local tax laws, protecting your business from legal risks and financial penalties.
  • Automatic Tax Change Application: The system tracks and applies tax changes automatically, saving time and effort required to keep up with evolving tax legislation.
  • Reliable and Seamless Review and Tracking: The system assists in reviewing and tracking financial operations reliably, providing accurate and detailed reports that facilitate internal and external audit and review processes.
  • Improved Work Efficiency and Tax Compliance Ease: By providing these features, the system can enhance your overall work efficiency and streamline tax compliance, saving time and effort, and improving the accuracy of financial operations and compliance with tax regulations.
Do you want to enhance your accounting efficiency and simplify tax compliance? Discover how Fai system can achieve that!
  1.  Registration and Subscription: Visit the system’s website or contact the support team for information on how to register and subscribe to the system.
  2.  Add Products: You can add your company’s products for sale or purchase and attach images or any other documents.
  3.  Add Your Customers and Suppliers: You can add them manually or through custom Excel templates. Additionally, you can import and export customer and supplier files while collecting details seamlessly.
  4.  Create or Upload Your Invoices: You can easily issue sales invoices and send them to your customers. You can also import sales invoices through custom Excel templates and export them smoothly. Moreover, you can manage purchase invoices and use the intelligent tax system to classify all invoices according to their respective tax rates.
  5.  Now Generate Your Tax Return: Fai system automatically calculates output and input taxes and displays the results directly, whether they are recoverable or payable. It also provides specialized tax reports in PDF and Excel formats.
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