The key benefits offered by Fai for Consultants are:
  • Unified Interface for Client Accounts: The system provides a unified and centralized interface for tax and financial consultants to easily manage all their clients’ accounts. This facilitates monitoring and managing tax and financial operations for multiple clients simultaneously.
  • Granting Permissions to Clients and Managing Accounts with Them: The system allows consultants to grant specific permissions to their clients, enabling them to view and monitor their accounts and tax reports specifically. This fosters collaboration and facilitates communication between the consultant and the client.
  • Sending Tax Reports to Clients: The system enables the creation and sending of tax reports to clients before submitting them to tax authorities, allowing clients the opportunity to review reports and make any necessary amendments before official submission. This contributes to achieving better accuracy and tax compliance.
  • Improved Communication and Interaction: The system facilitates communication between tax and financial consultants and their clients more effectively, allowing them to exchange information, comments, and inquiries quickly and easily. This enhances interaction and contributes to a better understanding of the tax and financial needs and requirements of each client.
  • Archiving Invoices and Tax Declarations: The system allows for the secure and organized archiving of invoices and tax declarations, making them easily accessible later on and ensuring compliance with tax storage and retention requirements.
Do you want to improve the efficiency of your work as a tax and financial consultant and provide the best services to your clients? Discover how Fai system can achieve that!
  1.  Registration and Subscription: Visit the system’s website or contact the support team for information on how to register and subscribe to the system.
  2.  Create Company Accounts for Clients: Communicate with the support team to enable the permission to create companies for your clients and start managing them.
  3.  Add Products: You can add your client’s products for sale or purchase and attach images or any other documents.
  4.  Add Customers and Suppliers: You can add them manually or through custom Excel templates. Additionally, you can import and export customer and supplier files, collecting details effortlessly.
  5.  Create or Upload Invoices: Issue invoices for sales and send them to your customers easily. You can also import sales invoices via custom Excel templates and export them smoothly. Furthermore, you can manage purchase invoices and use the auxiliary tax intelligence system to classify all invoices according to their tax rate.
  6.  Now, Issue Tax Declarations: The Fai system calculates output and input taxes automatically and displays the results directly, whether refundable or payable. Additionally, it provides specialized tax reports in PDF and Excel formats.
Start today and make your business more professional!
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Business Owners
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